Sunday, September 11, 2011

We will always remember. . . And somebody pooped!

As everyone watches the vigils and remembrance ceremonies that mark today, one can't help but think about what we were doing that day and if we lived up to the promises we made on that horrible day 10 yrs ago.

At our Young Women activity on Wednesday night some of the girls were talking about the activities the schools had planned for the week and what they were talking about in school. Keep in mind that most of the girls are in their mid teens and were either young kids or toddlers when the attacks happened, so none of them have many first hand memories. They were all talking about the facts and the time lines of what happened as well as the special assemblies that the schools had planned. As they were talking, myself and the other leaders just listened for a few minutes before one of them looked at me and one of them said "um you guys, it looks like Kari is really upset, maybe we shouldn't talk about this anymore". And to be honest I was probably looking pretty upset. I think this horrible anniversary is different for people of my generation. Before that day I think we all thought we knew the world, and we felt pretty safe. After what happened, everything changed. The way we lived our life had to change, everyone was now worried about security, within a few weeks we were at war with an enemy that, technically, wasn't a state, it was a group of fundamentalists whose only message was hate, instead of looking at the world with optimism we all wondered when the next attack would happen. Having friends in ROTC and AFROTC made things more complicated; when they joined up, they did so to pay for school; no one ever thought that they would be shipped off to the other side of the world. I'm sometimes really amazed at how perceptive those girls can be.
Explaining this whole thing to Liam is something else all together. The news was on yesterday morning and he asked me why I was sad watching and I just told him that it was because some bad guys hurt a lot of people and that made me sad. His response was "bad guys like the Decepticons?" "Yup, like the Decepticons". That's the best I could come up with!

On the lighter side of things I did spend my Sunday afternoon and evening doing exactly what I wanted to do, take a nap and then go for a walk.

And the best news of all this weekend: Liam pooped in the potty!!!!! (it was by accident, but it still counts!)

P.S. Friday's workout, about an hour and 15 min, 553 cal.
Saturday's workout, an hour and 23 min, 676 cal.

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  1. I agree with Kimberly, Liam's description of the 911 tragedy is accurate - humans don't harbor that kind of hate and don't try to kill and destroy. Mom