Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Craaaazy Summer

Well, here goes!

The last couple months have been really nuts. Over all it's been a good summer with lots of adventures for everyone! Over all, I realized that I need to keep a lot more people much more updated that I have the last season.

Early in the summer we were consumed with the end of the school year and the beginning of summer school for Liam. He did have a little bit of a hard time adjusting to going to school in the morning and not going his regular school. However, the Special Needs Summer School program in our district is awesome! Liam had speech therapy during the whole session, as well as the regular classroom experiences. They also had a number of really great field trips; they went to a nature preserve, an airport (and got to get into a small plane!), had some outdoor water days and made some new friends. He was not the biggest fan of getting up early to get on the 7:30 bus but he quickly got over it. He also had a good summer because he got to see a lot of his Grandparents, but more on that later.

Quinn continues to be her overly cute self. She's finally getting used to being at the gym and is now old enough to go to Nursery at church!!!!! We have only made it all the way through church one Sunday at this point but hey, progress is progress. The time that she spends at the gym has helped her separation anxiety, mostly because there are some nice people at the gym who like to carry her around when they can ; ) so she gets a little spoiled. She's getting bigger though and can finally ride in a forward facing car seat!

In July we had something really exciting happen, my brother got home from his mission! We were able to all get together as a family and go on vacation to Nauvoo. We rented the upper 2 floors of a house very close the the Mississippi and had a great weekend with my Mom, sister Kim and her husband Charlie, my brother Tristan. The last time all of us were together was about 2 and a half years ago. As is my Mom's habit, she insisted that we get a family picture done. We were lucky enough to find one here who was ok with 8 people, 2 of whom being very small children, and was willing to sell us a copy right release with digital copies of all the pictures. I'll post some of them later. I had not been to Nauvoo in about 15 years and it has changed a lot since then. It's more built up and having the Temple in it's former position is really something special. At times vacations with my family can come with drama, but this time I think a good time was had by everyone.

We also spent a big chunk of time in Detroit in July. The reason was not a great reason but these things happen. Over all I'm just glad that we were in a position to help family and keep people who needed to be distracted distracted. The kids had a good time being around their grandparents and getting spoiled while they were there. Their favorite things were going for frozen yogurt with Grandma K (a few times!) and playing with bubbles in Gampa and Grandma V's backyard.

I have to say, it was a good summer.

Now that school has started again we are trying to get back into the schedule. At the same time, I'm trying to get back into the goals that I've made for my self. Over the summer I was not very diligent about my exercise or my diet, not that I didn't make any progress, I just was not as careful as I could have been. Now that things are getting back into a routine I'm reminded of my goal for myself before I turn 30 this October. I'm not sharing the exact goal, suffice it to say that it involves being a bit smaller than I find myself to be at this point. I'm thinking that if If put this goal out there it will require me to be more honest and upfront about my exercise and progress. I have worked with a trainer a few times and gotten workouts from her, hopefully I cam get myself back into the swing of things and lost that extra size that is bugging me!

So I'm putting a challenge out there to anyone who wants to get back to their fighting shape - post your workouts in the comments and we'll see what we can get done before Halloween!
I'll try to post my workouts every day. I'm really terrible about posting food so I'm not going to try that. My goal is to go into GAP and pull on size 10(30) jeans on my birthday in late October (like I said, I'm turning 30).
Post only words of encouragement and hopefully we can all help each other!

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