Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diaper Shower and Comparing Notes

It's amazing how refreshing it is to go and just spend a couple hours being my self.
Not being "Mom" or "Hon", but just being Kari is amazingly refreshing and renewing. The diaper shower was not for me, obviously, it was for a friend who is much braver than I am and is having her 3rd boy (thus the diaper shower).

Sometime I look around at some of the other blogs and at some Moms that I meet and I tend to nit pick all of the things that I don't do that some of them seem to do so effortlessly. I think if we're all honest we know that we can do better, and on the other side there are things that we know we do well. On my brag side, I'm pretty good at taking care of myself. I can get to the gym, manage to take a shower and usually put makeup on so that I look like I actually slept (or trying to keep with the trends). I try to cook and bake as much as I can and make sure that the kids eat food that's good for them. On the other hand, I am no where near a patient mom. I want them to do what I tell them to do right now. I want them to follow directions with no arguments and just say "ok Mom". I've also discovered that I need a certain amount of quiet time; time to my self, where no one bothers me and I can do my own thing, even if it's just sitting on the couch watching TV.

Admittedly I do get down on myself for these short comings. I feel bad after yelling at my kids, I feel some guilt when I take off at night or if I leave them with a sitter for a little too long. I'm just not one of those Mom's that cries when the kids get on the bus, not that I didn't freak out on Liam's first day. I was really happy when school started early for IEP kids, for myself and for him.

It is amazing on those horrible days, when you want nothing more than to get them into bed and then die, and you're tucking one of them in and you hear a little voice say "I love you too Mom" and then you just melt. . . nuf said.

As promised here is todays workout.
It lasted about an hour and a half, I warmed up, did a weight circuit, jogged and cooled down. Burned about 630 calories.

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