Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Normal days. . .

I would have to say that that last couple days have been just, normal. I spent most of Monday cleaning the house and trying to find my kitchen again after the weekend. Grocery shopping with 2 small children is always an adventure. Aunt Kimmy was laughing on the phone at Liam's excitement upon hearing that yes, in fact the fruit snacks were on sale and that yes he could put them in the cart, all 10 boxes.

I did have a moment of feeling like a really bad Mom this morning. The kids and I went to the gym as normal, but when I went to pick them up again I noticed that Quinn was walking really funny and favoring on of her legs. I picker her up and looked at her leg to make sure there was nothing obvious, my first clue should have been that the ladies at the child center told me she'd sat with a book for most of the time I was gone. So the next thing I did was take off her shoes and check her feet, nothing. Then I looked in her shoes. . .Turns out there was a sock squished into the toe of each shoe! So her poor little feet were smashed into her shoes and who knew how long she'd been dealing with it and it finally pinched her toe bad enough this morning that it caused problems. Needless to say, I felt like the worlds worst Mom! To make it up to her she got to go cookie delivering this afternoon, without Liam, so we got some time to just hang out while I was driving. That and the 35 minutes we spent on the couch reading the same books we always read. . . Ah, well.

Well, now that I think about it, this week was not quite normal. DH called me from work on Monday afternoon and said that he needed to go to Boston for a meeting. The meeting was on Tuesday. I assumed it was Tuesday of next week; nope I was wrong. The meeting was yesterday, and he got his ticket Monday afternoon. I'm glad that this does not happen very often. . .

Tuesdays workout: 1 hr 42 min, 900 cal (yes, that is 900)
Wednesdays workout: 1 hr 23 min, 611 cal

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