Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Never a dull moment!

So it looks like DH has found a new project, and it looks like it will be delivered on Saturday.

If you know DH, one of the things you probably know about him is his love of almost all things mechanical; and the fact that he'll get into something, put a bunch of time into it and sometimes get bored and then move on to something else. Since I've known him he's had a total of 6 different cars (not counting the ones that were "mine" after we got married), 2 motor cycles (counting both because the Ninja was his before it was mine) and a snowmobile that was pieced together from many others. The snowmobile was kind of a novelty item that had great uses, he could ride it back and forth to campus during the winters at the end of grad school. They had snowmobile parking on campus. It's just what happens when you go to school in the middle of nowhere and it snows, a lot. But to DH's credit, with each project his mechanical skills have gotten better, he's learned from each thing and from friends (thank you Brian) how to fix more and more challenging issues. To the extent that he took apart the engine of one of his cars and rebuilt it over Conference weekend last spring, there was an all nighter involved, but the car runs great. Anyway, he's decided that he wants to get back into motorcycles, and being the person that he is, he does not want a run of the mill used bike. He's decided that he wants to build himself a custom bike from a 70's bike and turn it into a CafeRacer. And because he has a budget, he had to hunt for just the right one. . . And found it, 3 hours south of here. So that's what we all did with our evening last night, drove 3 hours down state and found the bike. In a great twist of fate there is a mistake on the title and the guy is willing to deliver the bike, instead of DH having to ride a strange motorcycle home. I hope that everything is easy to iron out, given the things age it's amazing it still has a title in the first place. Sometime you just have to smile and realize that you're doing something for no other reason than loving someone else.

It's not my habit to be overly political but right now I feel the need to just vent. Watching the debates and Obama's new plan to fix the debt crisis and peoples reaction to it has made me want to throw things at my TV. Someone please tell me how it's fair that the middle classes are paying 30% tax while those in the upper tax brackets are only paying about 17%? How is it that we went from having no deficit under Clinton and drowning in debt by the time Bush left office? Granted, some horrible things happen with Bush in office but seriously. I also want to know who has a plan to fix the education system?!!!!! Those of us who care find the most expensive places to live so that we can send our kids to good public schools, and even those with educations and jobs are being priced out. Not to mention that the cost of a college education is totally out of control due to most public schools losing so much of the funding they were getting from the Fed. I remember the first time that happened to me, it was between semester of college, tuition went up by more than 14%. Between fall and winter semesters!!! I knew people who could not come back because they did not have the money or the loans to pay for that semester. Our country now has a higher student loan debt load than credit card load. Am I the only one who sees a HUGE problem with that????!! When you have people going 60k into debt to become a teacher and then hoping to make 45k a year, there is a problem. I know a few people who basically have the equivalent of mortgage payments every month in student loans. How are we supposed to be in a good financial position as a country if we force our doctors and educators to go so far into debt to get their credentials that they'll never be able to own a home. Or at least not till the loans are paid off. And that's best case if they don't have any other loans or credit card debt.
And please, please don't get me started on the GOP. I'm so sick of them right now I just want to puke all over one of John Boehner's suits, then make him wear it.

I guess I'm just soooo sick of all the talking heads that talk and talk and talk and talk and never do anything to solve the real problems. Sorry for the rant, I just had to get that out there.

This weeks workouts:
9/20 1hr 43min, 783 cal
9/21 1hr 25min, 884 cal

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