Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where did the last month GO!!!?????

To answer my own question: House hunting, offer, contract, negotiations, L's surgery, Grandma visiting for a week, and more paperwork.

L had his tonsils and adenoids out about a week and a half ago. He had a very rough first week, needing medication for the pain for the better part of a week. I don't think I've ever seen him so sad and out of energy as he was that first week. He spent almost the whole time laying on the couch with either Grandma Ve, DH or me. He watched movies most of the time, a few times a day he'd get up or want to play with Q for a while but he'd end up back on the couch to rest. At this point he's pretty much back to normal, he even ate pizza for dinner last night. We have had a bit of an adjustment period in the last few days. I guess that's what happens when you give a kid pretty much whatever they want for a week and then try to get back to normal.

It looks like everything is moving forward with our home purchase. The paperwork is all in (for this moment), the inspection is done and fixes agreed upon, value estimate of the house is done by bank. . . Everything we can do is done and now we just wait for the closing date to be agreed on and get everything straight in my head. At this point I'm definitely flying by the seat of my pants. DH signs things from work and faxes them in and I do all the leg work and phone calls from this end. I have no idea how my Mom did this a couple times all by her self, doing this with DH, I still feel like I'm going to lose my mind. I still think all of this is totally worth it to get a house of our own in a great neighborhood and be able to change the things that we want to change (as far as the budget will allow, which right now is. . . not much ; ). I will also be nice to have a guest bedroom, not in the basement and have more than 1 floor to live on again, I miss that from our townhouse.

Because I am a super geek, I have been keeping up with all of the political nonsense of the Presidential campaign. I think the thing that I'm most tired of is off the various candidates, no matter what their party, spend all of their time telling me all of the bad things that their opponents have done or most likely will do. I don't care about all the gossip you can dig up on your opponent!!! How about telling me some of your ideas about fixing the problems? How about you take the time to tell me about what you really think instead of telling me what you think I want to hear? I may be a bleach blond, but I'm not THAT dumb. Santorum calling Pres Obama a snob for hoping everyone student in the country has the opportunity for an education is the stupidest thing I have heard in a LONG time. What parent in their right mind doesn't realize that you need some kind of a degree or certificate to answer a phone these days?! I worked in daycare and the parents wanted to make sure that I had at least some college. Either you are adding something to society by making yourself a more productive and intelligent person or you become a drain on the system by retaining your ignorance and continuing the cycle of poverty. They have done study after study on the effect of education on people socioeconomic situation. Children typically achieve the same or higher levels of education than their Mothers. So why is it a bad thing that we hope every high school student has the OPPORTUNITY to get a higher education?! Okay, I think I'm done ranting.

As for the lifestyle change, over all it is going well. Cutting out the bread and most of the fruit has not been a hard as I though it was going to be. I have had rice in the last couple weeks, but no bread till last night when we had pizza for dinner. I have managed to keep the candy and sugar under control most of the time; with the exception of some indiscretions involving gummie candy the week of L's surgery. Overall I am feeling better. I have more energy than I did before I stopped eating bread and so much sugar and I think I'm a bit more even tempered. Although I did lose it a bit when Q deleted a few apps from my phone this morning. . . Not cool. I did notice after I ate the bread in the pizza last night that my stomach was upset the rest of the night. A little weird but maybe a little more incentive to keep doing what I'm doing!

New goal: 13.1 Marathon run in Chicago on June 9, 2012! Registered yesterday!!

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