Saturday, March 3, 2012

Victory is mine. At least right now.

At the moment I'm feeling pretty good. I went to the gym yesterday to work out and remembered that I'd forgotten to weigh in for the 90 Day earlier in the week. Thinking it was time to get the dreaded event over with I found a trainer and stepped on the stupid thing, otherwise known as a scale. I was pleasantly surprised to look down and see that I'd lost 3 lbs. since last week. 3 lbs!!! As I was feeling quite happy with myself I got on the treadmill and finished my scheduled workout in less time that I though it would take! This put me in a good mood for most of the day yesterday. One of these days I am going to learn that almost no matter what time the kids go to bed they are going to wake up some time around 630 or 7am. Ugh.

To up my mood a little more I decided to follow the training schedule and go for a nice long run, to spite the fact that it was snowing and windy outside. Sometimes you just need to hit the pavement to get that happy feeling going. I am proud to say that I completed my long run, all 6.2 miles of it, including some hills that happened to be on the route. Since the half marathon I signed up for is not until June I have some time to increase my distance. Admittedly I am not setting any land speed records, I would probably classify myself as a speedy turtle more than a slow rabbit (it just sounds better).

I am enjoying some chocolate right now. All work and no play makes Kari very cranky.

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