Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back to the Gym!

One of the things we had to give up when we moved a few months back was our gym memberships. We had to give them up because where we were going was not a national chain, it was just a Racquet Ball club outside DC that happened to have some other classes. It's location was good for my Darling Husband because it was halfway between his work and home, and thus very convenient for him. I used to go to the gym almost every day, granted it was a 15 min drive in good traffic, but the people were nice and they knew my kids (read: fewer freak outs).

After the shenanigans of last week it occurred to me that if I didn't get back to the gym soon, or find another outlet, I would be losing my mind in short order. So after a week of talking it over, and finally conveying to DH just how nuts I was going, he told me to go and get us signed up. Yay! I could now go workout at any time of the day!
So after signing away the equivalent of a weeks worth of groceries every month, I was ready to get started. It was then that I remembered I'd left my workout gear in my car. My 12 degree car. Just long enough for everything to become totally chilled. No big deal, I think, I'll run and warm up in no time. Which I did.

After an hour or so of work I decided it was time to head out, while I could still walk with some dignity, and go home. As I get to the parking lot and hit the clicker to unlock the car I notice that the lights are very dim. Hoping it was just my eyes I get in and try to start it. . .click, click, click. You guessed it, DEAD. So I head back inside to call DH and AAA to get a jump. I pull out my trusty cell phone and call AAA. I'm so busy telling the guy what happened that I almost fail to notice the 'beep, beep, beep' that occasionally cuts the guy off when all of a sudden, CLICK. My cell dies too! (There is a happy ending to all this, I promise).

Luckily for me the AAA guy has the where with all to remember that I tell him the name of my gym and where it's located. As I'm sitting in the lobby wondering what to do next he calls back on the main phone to tell me that my issue has been passed on to a wrecker and that he should be there within the hour. For once, the wrecker is there about 25 min after my call and another 20 after that finds me home.

And I thought I'd be able to relax with my trip to the gym ; )

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