Friday, January 21, 2011

Ahh, no more bowl.

Well it looks like everyone is over whatever it was that was making them sick. I remembered later in the day that I forgot about one of the bright spots of the whole sickness thing. Moose actually learned to tell me he needed the bowl before be threw up! It was usually preceded by some crying and burping, but he only missed the bowl once. I'm calling that a victory. Needless to say he got much comforting and praise, along with a few back rubs to make him feel better.

After all that going on at home I was in need of some quiet time of my own. As I don't know where the nearest yarn store is (nor do I think it's open past 7pm) and I don't have a gym membership, I headed to the bookstore! I know it sounds totally lame, but there is something so relaxing about checking out the imported magazines, flipping through illustrated books on 19Th century fashion or Elizabethan political drama, all while not having to stop anyone from chewing on anything inappropriate. As a young teenager (before dating. . .) I used to walk to the bookstore near my Mom's house and stay there for hours, I think I liked the quiet of the place.

I think escaping from our kids is one of the things that can make us appreciate and enjoy them more. When I usually escape it's after they've gone to bed, so they've been running a muck and bouncing off the walls since Daddy came home and I'm usually hurrying through bedtime in an effort to get out the door faster. Then I come home and check on them and they are sleeping, sweet and quiet in their beds, looking like little cherubs. I know it sounds cliche but sometimes those moments make it all worth while.

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