Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So. . . This is me

OK, after reading an article written by a very cynical woman, although she was very funny, I though it would be nice to put the thoughts of a Mormon Mommy outside of Utah out there for people to see.

I did not grow up in Utah, nor have I ever lived there (nor do I want to). I grew up in the Midwest, Detroit, and now live in a suburb of Chicago. I did not get married at 19, but after I graduated from college, and I'm not all about having the Mormon Dozen children. I love my 2 children, and that's all we're having unless my husband decides to become pregnant. I'm not bashing those that decide to have lots of children, if they can handle it and stay sane more power to them. I just know I could not do it and survive. I don't really sew, I've only canned things a couple times and I'm not the worlds best cook, although when it comes to things containing butter and sugar I think I have a gift. My tastes in fashion also swing a little left of the Typical Molly. In the last 4 years I don't know how many colors of hair I've had, nor how many different styles, and I feel no particular affinity for the Abercrombie/Aeropostale looks that some of my Mommy contemporaries favor. Again I'm not judging, that stuff is just not for me. I don't really do crafts either, although I have been known to knit the occasional pair of socks or baby blanket.

What makes me similar to some other MM's out there is that I am a stay at home Mom. In this part of the country that makes me a little odd, in the DC area that we were in previously I was nothing short of a freak. When people outside the Church would find out that that's what I did, it pretty much stopped the conversation. I had no business ties and was therefore not much use to some people. There was the occasional woman who would put on a fake smile and say "oh, I bet that's so nice for you. . ." The disgust in their voices just masked by touches of faked sweetness when I'd tell them about my kids.

Speaking of my kids, Liam and Quinn, they are in short, the Moose and the Munchkin. Moose is 3 1/2 and could pass for 5, he's taller than at least half of his class and looks like a blond version of his Daddy. Munchkin is quite the opposite, she came into this life small and is still that way. People are astonished to hear that she is almost 14 months, she looks closer to 6 months than a year, and has dark hair and skin like Daddy. When she was born the nurse looked at me and said "Honey, if you want a child that looks like you, I think you're going to have to go for number 3". I'm thinking that's OK, as long as the kids look like one parent, we're good.

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