Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sick Days

I remember when I was a kid, I'd almost look forward to sick days. I'd get to lay in bed and not really be bothered by anyone, unless it was Mom coming in to check my temperature. I'd get to read or watch movies and sleep to my hearts content. Little did I know that I should have been taking better advantage of these Free Days than I already did.

Our Moose has been sick since very early on Tuesday morning, when I was woken up by him crying some time around 3am. Turned out he'd lost his dinner and had a fever. . . an hour and a half later I was finally back in bed hoping to grab another couple hours before Munchkin woke up. Somehow my Dear Husband managed to sleep through me getting up, cleaning up and getting back into bed; I'm not quite sure how that works but when I figure it out I'll let all the other Mom's know. The rest of Tuesday was spent monitoring his temperature and making sure that he got all the sleep he needed. To add more joy to the week, Munchkin appears to be about to cut some more teeth, so she is in need of the occasional dose of Tylenol and much wiping of her hands due to their great taste.

I think this is just a symptom of this being Moose's first year in school. He loves his classroom and teachers, as well as the nursery in Church. They say that the child who shares nothing else will share his germs, and while he'll occasionally share toys, he seems to be collecting germs this year. Oh well. I have hopes that we'll only be dealing with this phenomenon for the next few years (we still have to get Munchkin into and out of Preschool) before the kids immune system is about to fight off most things.

I do remember the first time that Liam brought home a cold from Nursery and passed it to me, I called my Mom to ask how I was supposed to deal with everything and be sick. Her response with a laugh was "Didn't you know, Mommies don't get sick!"

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  1. That is for sure! The only time I "got the day off" was when I was prego with Abrams, fainted, and pulled a rocking chair down on my face. I got that morning off. But not since. Good luck this week. If you need anything, like someone to make you guys dinner, let me know. Really.