Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot hot summer!

Oh my goodness it's been a hot one!!!!
I am happy to report that we do have the modern convenience of Air Conditioning to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.  It was not without a week or so of sleepless nights and a stupid amount of money, but the house is now a much more comfortable place to live.  On a note on the house, we also have ceilings!  I know we're getting pretty uppity with our construction, but ceilings are one of those luxuries that I think everyone should have.  Along with somewhat level floors, but we'll get to that stage later.

Since the summer started I feel like we've been going nonstop.  L started summer school on the 13th of June, he'll be done with that a few weeks before school starts in August.  He loves being able to ride the bus again and I'm a little worried that he's going to be bummed when school starts and he doesn't get to ride the bus anymore.  Maybe he'll like walking.  I think Q has been enjoying having Mommy to herself in the mornings while L is at school.  We've run lots of errands and gone to the gym and played outside, and had a mani-pedi morning!  We have also had a lot of great time with the Grandparents! Grandma K was here for almost a month and Grandpa and Grandma Ve have visited a couple times as well as a trip to Michigan to meet up with Uncle Steve and Aunt Tiff and Mia.  I also got the biggest vacation I've had since we had kids.  DH had a conference in San Antonio and we decided that it would be a good time for a Mommy Get Away!!!  Gma Ve and Gpa were nice enough to keep the kids for the 5 days of the conference so that DH and I could hang out together on his off hours.  To be honest, it was fabulous!!!!  It's not that I don't love my kids, because I do, but every good Mom will tell you that every once in a while you need some time to reboot and get stuff back together.  My sister and I hung out together during the day most of the week.  It was great to explore that part of Texas, I'd never been there before.  Word to the wise, the food trucks in Austin are awesome!

The week after we got back from Texas was crazy busy, I think it always takes more time to get back into the swing of everyday than it does to relax on vacation.  I thought I was about to get everything together when I got a great surprise, my brother was coming to town a moth early!  It took a few hours on the phone and a bit of running around but we got him here for a few days before he headed off on his Great American Roadtrip.  The poor kid did have a hard time adjusting to the time change but he'll figure it out.  I was glad to see him and I know the kids had a good time hanging out with him- his story reading skills are sooooo much better than everyone else!  A few days after that, just as we were leaving Church, it looked like it was going to storm.  By the time we got home, Chris describes it as driving in a video game.  This crazy storm blew through in about 30 minutes and in it's wake our neighborhood looked like a hurricane had gone through.  We are on the luckier side of the block, we lost power for about a day and a half, the other side was out for more than 4 days; not to mention the houses that have major damages from trees falling on them and the power lines.  L's summer school ended up being out for the whole week because the school did not have power.

On the upsides, along with AC, Mom and I finished our Half Marathon on June 9th!  I was really happy with the fact that we both finished, to spite the temp being 90 by the time we finished; our time was just under 3 hrs.  Next up is the full marathon in October!  I'm a bit worried about it but I know if I keep up my training I'll be able to finish.  All I want to do is finish.

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