Friday, May 11, 2012

100 Days gone. . .What I've learned

So my 100 days of overhaul have gone by and soooo many things have happened.  We found a house, packed everything up, moved, and have taken about half of our house apart.

I have learned a few things since this whole thing has started.  One of them is that choosing the right time for a life overhaul is important.  It's not the best idea to try and overhaul yourself in the middle of moving you life to a new location and trying to settle everything, especially when you purchase a super fixer.  The other thing is that it is very hard to change.  Changing one's life and way of thinking does not happen over night.  With those things being said, I would not call this whole thing a failure.

I have not lost as much weight as I wanted to but I can now jog 8+ miles at a time.  I still treat myself sometimes but I am trying to separate when I just want a treat from when I'm just in a bad mood.  I am learning that chocolate does not fix things, and eating a box of chocolates will give you a stomach ache (and has a negative effect on the wellness plan).  I guess in short what I'm saying is that this is just a work in progress.  Eventually I want to get to a point where a friend of mine is.  She doesn't eat sugar. No sugar unless it's in fruit.  I know she treats herself to ice cream or a shake every once in a while, but I've been out places with her when everyone is eating yummy things and she's able to say no.  This will power is amazing to me, given that I have the will power of a gnat.

As always, I conclude that I am (and probably will forever be) a work in progress.

In connection to a Facebook post that I put up this morning, I want to clear something about my thinking.  I know that different people have different ideas of what being 'moral' consists of.  I think sometimes people confuse knowing their beliefs and the changing values of our culture.  Reading our scriptures can teach us a lot of things; who we are supposed to value, how we're supposed to build our families and (one of the most important in my mind) how we are supposed to treat other people.  Disagreeing with someones life choices does not mean that I hate them.  It does not mean that I think that they are going to hell.  Christ treated everyone equally and told us all to love one another, that message is simple.

Now I've got a funny story from yesterday.  Given that we are on such a tight time schedule during the day right now, I've gotten really good taking fast showers and getting my self out the door in time to pick up L from school.  While running out the door yesterday I was running late and therefore not checking everything as closely as I should have.  I managed to lock my self out of the house, while at the same time locking my keys, and Q, inside the car.  Long story short, I got my keys back and got L from school on time.
Ah, the adventures in parenting!

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