Friday, February 22, 2013

Woohoo, Testing

So, I'm pretty sure that most of you know that L has been in learning and some occupational and emotional therapies since he was about 2 1/2.  If you didn't know, now you do.  
This whole thing started when he was about 18 months old and we though was the result of being very sick with ear infections and not being able to clear them.  Over the last couple years of therapy he has progressed a HUGE amount, to the point that he comes off most of the time as a normal, rambuncious 5 yr old.  Although his communication has gotten much better, as the language issues were sorted out a number of other issues started to show themselves; problems with fine motor skills, communication issues and a general developmental delay of sorts.  Because kids never stay the same, if they have an IEP, they are retested based on national standards for their age and gender, classroom observations of their learning and behavior and one on one interviews, every three years.  As hard as it is to believe it has been three years since we got L into the IEP program!  I had a good meeting with a cadre of people at his school a couple days ago where we went over all the tests that they want to cover and aquired my consent to test him in order to update his IEP and put together a plan for the next 3 yrs.  While all of this is a bit stressful, it does make me incredibly thankful for the copious about of resources that are now available to parents of special needs kids!  I talk to other parents who had kids who were different 20yrs ago and they talk about having to fight to get their kids tested, and then fighting to get services or fighting to get them tested and then being told that their kid didn't qualify for testing for this reason or another.  I think the system may finally be starting to see that not every child fits into the little wooden pegs that we've been trying to squeeze them into- as adults we understand that we all learn things differently, but the education system has taken MUCH longer to even look at that idea as a possibility.  In some ways it is infuriating to look at the system and see a the things the at are wrond with it, but the only outcome I can see of thinking that way is me being bitter; and that certainly would not help L.  SO, in opposition to my usual self, I will continue to be optimistic about the situation.  The glass is half full, the glass in half full, the glass is half full. . .

On the house front: We have removed most of the forrest of floor jacks that were jacking up the floor in the basement.   We were able to take out enough support to put a slightly used pool table down there!  Although we to have an interesting house rule; if there is no way of making the shot because of a support beam  than you are allowed to call "Pole" and move to Qball a couple inches to the left or right.  One does what one has to do. . .  DH is really enjoying the pool table, as am I, and both of us enjoyed the routing we served his parents last weeked while they were here for a visit (sorry guys!)

We were also able to get paint on the walls of the dining room the day before Thanksgiving so we could have dinner in there.  To get it ready for paint took more plaster than I care to remember and my wonderful DH would (I'm sure) love to throw all the sanders out the window.  Unfortunatly we've had to suspend work for right now owing to the fact that it's 30 degrees outside and no one wants to sand plaster when you can't open a window.  It's just gross.  Come spring we should be able to get the holes in the stairway patched and the breakfast room patched and painted.  I keep telling myself that our house will be awesome and charming when we're done with it.  Some days I even believe myself!

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