Saturday, January 14, 2012


I just looked at the date of my last entry and it has been more than 2 months since I wrote anything. Oops. I guess it just goes to show the business of the holiday season.
Ours certainly was busy. Starting in the middle of November we either had someone at our house or we were visiting someone in the family almost every week. While it is great fun, it certainly is exhausting. To add to the craziness of the season, if you're like me and insist on being this cool, I like to make a few gifts every year. Usually it involves a lot of knitting in the months of October, November and December, with the effort amplified everyday closer to Christmas we get. This year, I'm proud to say, I made almost half of the close family gifts. Mostly consisting of mittens and socks, but with one elephant for my niece Mia.
We did have one sad event in the month of November. Just before Thanksgiving, my 90 year old grandpa-in-law lost his battle with failing health. He was in very good health until the early fall when he started to go down hill, but he maintained his mental facilities until the day he died. DH and most of his family were able to go to Texas in early November and get a very good visit with him before he passed. While it meant that DH was gone for a good chunk of November I know that it was better that he went to Texas and saw his Grandpa rather than having any regrets in the future. While he was away for the funeral however, L did catch strep throat so we spent almost all that week at home. Everyone needs one week a year to live in their pj's right? Right?
Christmas was really nice, we saw a lot of all the grandparents. Including a Christmas Eve trip to the Henry Ford Museum that L still mentions because 1) we went with Grandma K and 2) he got to see Santa.

Since then I've just been trying to get my stuff back together. With school starting up again and (of course) the New Years resolutions to get rolling I feel a bit behind. Add to that the drama of looking for a house and we've got a totally full calendar already.

Although at the moment I am admittedly a little grumpy. As any Mom with little kids knows, it is not possible for Mommy to be sick at Christmas time. Even if you are sick, you are not sick. If you were, not everything would get done. So I ignored my cold and bought boxes of NyQuil/DayQuil and survived on that until I though I was better. I even went back to the gym and was feeling "much better". That is until Wednesday night when I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. Apparently I looked so bad that DH made me promise that I'd go to the doctor on Thursday. I did call and get an appointment. DH was so concerned that he decided to work from home for a couple days so that he could help with the kids. My doctor decided that I have a sinus infection and bronchitis and will spend the next 2 weeks on antibiotics. I was told to get as much rest as possible till the antibiotics start working. I was getting rest, that is until Chris got hit with a cold last night and couldn't sleep until very early this morning. So after 1 glorious morning of sleep and rest, I was forced back into full-time Mommy mode again. Does anyone else see the gross injustice of it all??? I guess that is what happens when you are MOMMY.
DH has been told that since he can take NyQuil to help him sleep, he will. And then he will get up with the kids tomorrow morning so I can sleep. So there.

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog! Yay for blogging! Guess what? I get a free gym membership at my new school. Sure wish you could work out with me there!