Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bad luck with jewelry and reassigned goals.

So to explain my bad luck we have to start with last August when I lost my wedding rings. I'd put them in the bathroom after cleaning them and then got distracted. When I went back to get them they were gone. I suspect that they were either flushed down the toilet or put into the garbage and somehow escaped me tearing the trash bins apart. Luckily, they were insured and I was able to get replacements a few weeks later. Well, about 3 weeks ago I noticed that a stone was missing from my new band! So I had to find a new store, with a jeweler IN HOUSE, and get it fixed (ouch bill). I took the opportunity to have all my daily wear rings checked and found that the stone in my engagement ring was also a little loose, but they were nice enough to tighten that for no charge. Then while sitting in Church on Sunday I though I saw one of the center stones in another ring shift out of the corner of my eye. I thought "No way, another one can't be loose!", I was wrong, it was loose enough that I could shift it with my fingernail!!! So I took that one in too and again the store was nice enough to tighten it free of charge while I waited with Q in the stroller (stocked with Fish crackers and a cup of juice, of course). And of course I figure out the loose stone nonsense while DH is out of town visiting his family. . . Isn't that always the way of things?!

As for my Birthday. As always seems to happen in our family, these thing always get a little muddled up. I happen to hold the opinion that Birthdays and other holidays are pretty anticlimactic when you have small children. They have almost no understanding that its YOUR day. They will be cute for a minute and say Happy Birthday and in the same breath ask you for more Fish crackers and cold juice, or tell you they need a pants change, or other every day needs. To celebrate on the day of, the kids and I ended up going to Trunk or Treat at Church. I took the opportunity to dress up in my favorite costume, myself, rewound about 15 yrs. To those of you who knew me then you would know that the look involved TONS of black eyeliner and mascara, the darkest shadow I could find and very dark lipstick. At the time I had purple hair, but I didn't feel like messing up the platinum due that I have now so that didn't happen. The look also involves the greatest pair of boots I've ever owned and a nearly blacked out outfit. I wore this getup to work when I worked at the hospital in Hancock and messed with my coworkers, in a nice way of course ;) But trying to wrangle L and Q by my self the whole night was not what I'd call fun. . .Q is a little to young for all the games and L is not big enough to go and do them by himself. I was relieved when it was time to hit the trunks and go home. The reason I had to do it alone was that DH came home from work not feeling good. Although he was sweet enough to bring me home some roses! We did go out to dinner with another couple that weekend and had a great time. I'm still trying to get over being this old, but overall it was a good Birthday.

Last week was a bit of a trip. You know how there always seems to be something going around the school, or nursery, or the gym, and no matter how hard you try to keep your house healthy, someone always brings that unwanted bug home. Well this time it appears that DH was that one who brought the bug home. I woke up last Monday morning at 530am to DH typing on the computer in our room. I of course asked him what on earth he was doing and was then informed that he'd been up for an hour or so while his stomach emptied itself of everything he'd had to eat the day before. So he spent Monday and a bit of Tuesday on the couch before he got an appetite back. Next to go was L. Of course we were out when he told me through tears that he didn't feel good, but he was good enough to wait till we were at home to start throwing up. We are very proud of him because he has learned to throw up in the bowl, even when no one is around. Sometimes you just have to find the bright side, strange as it may be. He recovered in about a day. Then it was my turn. Needless to say that the days are not pretty when Mommy goes down sick. Being the stubborn person that I am, I was convinced that once I stopped throwing up I would be ready to go to the store and do the other things I though needed doing. Nope. I laid on the couch for a whole day too. I guess sometimes Mommy needs a sick day too.
Thankfully, everyone has recovered and is feeling much better. Until the next round!

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